Monday, November 9, 2009

LOVE AND ROADKILL wins Best Short Film at the Williamstown Film Festival.

Williamstown Film Festival, October 31, 2009
James Ivory and I drove to Williamstown for the day where he gave a luncheon seminar before our screening. L&RK was shown before the documentary Making the Boys. That evening we were awarded the Christopher and Dana Reeve Award for Best Short Film.

Jim and I spent the next day traveling to Savannah for the final stop on our festival tour which started nearly a year ago.

Savannah Film Festival, November 2, 2009
Another award at our final festival -- this one for Bill Camp as Best Actor (his second Best Actor award for L&RK). The day began at 8:30 am when I was invited to give a talk to a group of students. A bite for breakfast at the Marshall House before being wisked to a panel at 11:30, then the screening at 2:30. We showed before the feature "Mercy". Then at 7pm there was a screening of the last film I edited for James Ivory, "The City of Your Final Destination". Dinner and parties followed. One of the most jam-packed days since we made Love and Roadkill. And no place I'd rather be than Savannah, which is like the crown jewel of the festival circuit. No festival or staff or audience knows how to treat filmmakers better or show greater hospitality. And no better place for me to end up since it's where I'll be shooting "Okefenokee". But not yet, I had to rush the next morning back to NY where I'm editing Mustapha Khan's feature "Rocksteady".

Below, the end of an exhausting day with Jim Ivory and Kevin and Fran McCarey at the Marshall House in Savannah.

Monday, October 5, 2009

10th Annual Woodstock Film Festival, Sept 30 - Oct 4, 2009
At Woodstock we were on a program of 5 shorts, all of them about human interactions around broken down vehicles. There were at least three shots that were in each film (rear view mirror, side view and gas gauge). A film I'm about to start editing was shooting nearby and when I went to visit the set they were shooting the scene where... two characters meet when one is broken down on the road.

Woodstock was our best audience yet. People who see and avoid and hit deer on the road every day. And know that other collision well too: city and rural people, their assumptions and attitudes toward the other.

Great Q&A's, great parties, great movies and filmmakers in abundance. Had a great time, hope to come back to Woodstock again and again.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Montreal Worldfest, Aug 27 - Sept 7, 2009.
Very impressed with the audiences here which were jam packed with serious film enthusiasts. We played before the Slovakian feature "Heaven Hell Earth", a story of a young woman who takes a ride from a stranger after an accident. Many overlapping themes -- which ends up being the case no matter what film we're paired with. After films the Quebec audiences can be found in nearby cafes and Pho restaurants endlessly discussing what they've seen, making notes in their programs, planning their next screenings. Gentle, civilized, French. And very welcoming. My first trip to Montreal, it felt like Paris transported to N America, which I suppose is what it is.

After our four screenings and Q&A's Kelly and I headed for Quebec City.

Next Fests will be Cambridge UK to be attended by Madeleine Potter, and Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival in Alabama. Then Woodstock, New Orleans, Williamstown and Savannah.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Palm Springs International Shortfest, June 23-29, 2009.
Philadelphia Independent Film Festival, June 25-28.
Dubrovnik Libertas Film Festival, June 26-30.
Screening in three fests over the same weekend, Kelly and I decided to attend the impressive (and very hot) Palm Springs Shortfest and Market. One of the best organized festivals I've ever attended. We saw dozens of great films, made lots of friends and showed L&RK to a packed, enthusiastic audience at an important world venue. Fest focuses on short film from around the world, with lots of parties, seminars and a lively filmmakers lounge. A lot of international connections are made, and the adjoining market allows everyone to catch films even if you missed the screening. A great experience thanks to the terrific selection of films and huge staff of volunteers.

We explored nearby Joshua Tree, and found relief from 113 degree heat in the delicious local date shake.

Palm Springs was a highlight of the fest circuit, I hope to come again. Next up: Puerto Rico Cinefiesta in July, Montreal Worldfest in August and Williamstown in October.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Charleston International Film Festival, April 23-26, 2009.
Bill Camp just won Best Actor for L&RK at the Charleston International Film Fest! Many Congrats, Bill.
Elisabeth Corley came down from N Carolina -- her first chance to see it on the big screen. I also had family at the packed screening (mom and my sister live in Charleston). We were on a program with "GOSPEL HILL" directed by Giancarlo Esposito -- a good pairing, characters in both films held back by fears and assumptions toward others.

Boston International Film Festival, April 17-26, 2009.  
Kelly and I were at the Loews on Boston Common for our screening on April 19. The next morning we were at the finish line when Salina Kosgei won the Boston Marathon. 

Upcoming fests: Montreal World Fest in August, Palm Springs Shortsfest in June and the Williamstown Film Fest in October.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Golden State Film Festival, March 20-29, 2009

Elephant Seal Pups were there to greet us as we arrived in Monterey for the Golden State Film Festival. (They're laying on the end of this rock looking a lot like a character from Love and Roadkill.) 

The Golden State is a 1927 movie palace complete with moorish designs and pipe organ, beautifully and lovingly restored by owner/projectionist Warren Dewey.  A great place to view a movie! After L&RK screened I spoke to the 1000-seat auditorium (blinding lights kept me from knowing how many of those seats were full) then had the pleasure of introducing the main feature, James Ivory's "Shakespeare Wallah."

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Independent Critic Review, March 14, 2009
A nice review today from Richard Propes of The Independent Critic with especially good things to say about Bill and Madeleine's work, Martin's cinematography and Giancarlo's music. Check it out at The Independent Critic - Short Film Collection #15